What Abraham Kuyper Offers Baptists on Christian Nationalism

Few topics have so enamored or incensed American society in recent years than Christian Nationalism. It is often a canard in the hands of anti-Christian elite who misunderstand the Establishment Clause as requiring the separation of religious claims from public life. These are the same ones who decry any perceived Christian justification for moral legislation […]

Creation Regained and the Baptists 

Creation and Wolter's dutch Neo Calvinism

The following is from Dennis Greeson’s panel address at the 2023 Kuyper Conference   Introductory Remarks I am honored to have been invited to share some reflections on Dr. Wolters’ legacy. I have been asked to share some thoughts on what his work, and the Neo-Calvinist tradition more broadly, has meant to Baptists. The irony […]

“Biblical Critical Theory” by Christopher Watkins Review

Ours is an age of retrieval. Evangelical theologians are rediscovering Thomas Aquinas and Augustine. Biblical interpreters are resourcing the early church. Christian social theorists of both Catholic and Protestant persuasion are returning to pre-modern sources on topics like religious liberty, political power, and the rule of law. In our retrieving, we rightly look to the […]