Dishonesty In The Abortion Wars

The abortion issue is more beset by the Orwellian use of political language than perhaps any other controversy in American politics. As an example, we have witnessed decades of verbal dueling over the nomenclatures of “pro-choice” and “pro-life.” Following lines suggested by the thought of Alasdair McIntyre, neither side is willing to grant anything about […]

How Can We Think Better About Politics as Christians

The last 35 years have featured the advent of the first 24-7 news channel (CNN), the introduction of competing channels such as Fox News and MSNBC, the movement toward news with a more explicit ideological identity, the explosion of internet publishing, and then the astonishing growth of social media. Given the massive technological changes that […]

A Determined Darwinist

Last month, a famous scientist and philosopher died. His name was Daniel Dennett. He was convinced that there was no mind behind the universe, but rather that mind had arisen from the combination of matter and natural selection. Now, his conscience has either been scattered across oblivion or he is in a position to know the […]

Rise, ruin, and recovery

Thirty years ago this week, Richard Nixon died. His life offers one of the most intriguing American stories, filled with grit, determination, ruin, and redemption. Richard Nixon did not want to leave the White House in the wake of the Watergate scandal that destroyed his presidency. Barry Goldwater, one of the most respected men in […]

Two Christians Take On Postliberalism

A mere three decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we find ourselves bizarrely wondering whether the winners of the confrontation are the possessors of an exhausted philosophy. Liberalism long sailed upon oceans made safer by a lingering, non-established but semi-assumed Christianity (in the American style). Within those lightly acknowledged channels of the spirit, […]