Reflections on a ‘Kairos’ moment

Ever since last Friday I have found myself literally overwhelmed with gratitude for the Supreme Court’s action of pitching the judiciously and morally egregious Roe vs. Wade decision onto the ash heap of history.

I had prayed for years that God in his infinite mercy would let me live to see Roe overturned in my lifetime. I have been contacting friends and colleagues who have labored long and hard to bring this day to pass for many years. I found them to be experiencing the same tremendous gratitude to our Heavenly Father for granting us this victory. 

I have been pro-life since I came into direct contact with a 12 to 14-week-old human fetus displayed in my high school biology class. The experience is etched indelibly in my memory and conscience. This tiny baby was as human as I was, merely at an earlier stage of human development.

I was 16 at the time and I believe that God in His providence provided me with this experience so that I would never doubt the full humanity of every human baby from conception onward. This happened about a month after I had answered God’s call to full-time Gospel ministry. So, the pro-life cause has been a long-time battle for me, starting nearly a decade before Roe. 

Now, the next phase of the struggle to protect the sanctity of all human life has begun. The people of all 50 states will now decide what their state’s policy on abortion will be. The red states and blue states will respond in very different ways. To a large degree, the South, the Midwest, and the Mountain States will pass significant restrictions on abortion. While, New York, the Northeast, the Pacific Coast, and Hawaii will pass scandalously permissive laws.

Our duty as pro-life Christians is to join the fray with God’s guidance and assistance, as we stated in our 2022 SBC convention resolution, “We commit to stand with and pray for abortion-vulnerable women, to eliminate any perceived need for the horror of abortion, and to oppose Planned Parenthood and other predatory organizations or institutions that exploit vulnerable women for profit.”

I thank God for the younger generation of pro-lifers who have committed themselves whole-heartedly to the pro-life cause, such as the new Convention President, Bart Barber, who pledged, “State-by-state, mother-by-mother, heart-by-heart, we will continue our sacred work toward this goal.” 

I pray God will bless our efforts and we will give Him all the honor and glory for any and all victories won in His name.