Why You Should Study With The Land Center

Here at The Land Center for Cultural Engagement, our goal is to introduce the study and research of important ethical, cultural, and political topics through a biblical lens to carry out our mission: To train the next generation, equip the church, and host important conversations on the intersection of Christianity and culture. To offer students […]

We Won’t Go Away

On Friday, Sept. 24, the United States House of Representatives passed The Women’s Health Protection Act, the most sweeping pro-abortion legislation in history, a bill that would remove any restrictions on abortion throughout nine months of pregnancy. The bill had 214 cosponsors. All but one Democrat voted for its passage, and 210 Republicans voted against […]

How Pastors Can Combat Conspiracy Theories

It came as a text from a very close friend: “Did you know Mike Pence is part of a global human trafficking ring?” I didn’t really even know where to begin. I know people who have worked closely with the former vice president and repeatedly vouch for his character and integrity. What’s more, if a […]

What Are You Building?

Too often our politics is one of mere deconstruction. Our advocacy is less about building coalitions of support to advance human flourishing or to advocate for a vulnerable people group but is instead a kind of performative activism.  This is why often the fights we see play out in the public square are less between […]

What We Learn from Peter’s Epic Fail

One of the most poignant scenes in the Easter narrative was written by someone who was not there, but who investigated the claims of the Christian movement and was able to paint for readers an agonizing scene of shame and betrayal. Luke, a medical doctor by trade and commissioned to chronicle the Jesus movement, zooms in on the […]

Passing The Plate In a Digital Age

I saw an offering plate before I was even old enough to attend church. My father was a lay elder and church treasurer. This usually meant I got to stay and play with my friends long after the services were finished, because Dad was counting the offering. The offering plate is as indelible in my […]

Why I’m Hopeful About the Evangelical Movement

In 1976, the cover of Newsweek declared that, with a presidential election that featured the born-again Jimmy Carter, it was the “Year of the Evangelical.” Forty-five years later, the news media fascination with my spiritual family has not abated. From the heady days of 2004, when once again evangelicals were crowned a defining political force, to this moment when a cottage industry […]