Are The Machines About To Emerge From The Dark?

In a paper awaiting peer-review (as of this publication), a research team at Amazon suggests that they have developed an AI model that is displaying “emergent” capabilities. According to the research team, the AI model was able to make leaps in language processing that are common for human language learners, but have, as of yet, […]

Review: The Toxic War Against Masculinity

The Toxic War Against Masculinity Review   Nancy Pearcey’s newest work, The Toxic War on Masculinity, is both timely and personal. She begins the work with an introduction on her father, a man who was publicly respectable and righteous, but in private was violent and—well—toxic. From this starting point, Pearcey clarifies that the issue of […]

Boundaries of Freedom- Revised and Expanded

Introduction One of the core distinctives of Baptist Public Theology is “Religious Liberty.” At the Land Center, we champion this ideal, and I am proud to be a proponent of liberty. However, as I love to teach my students, there is a difference between liberty­—doing what you ought—and license—doing whatever you want. To avoid anarchy […]

Following Jesus in a Digital Age Review

A Book for the Digital Age The digital age is a stressful place: social media, the 24-hour news cycle, and an endless stream of new content are constantly begging for my attention. In our present moment, being still and knowing the Lord is difficult.   This is why I am thankful for Jason Thacker’s new […]

On Reconsidering Virtue

It should be fairly obvious that there has been a shift amongst Christians regarding virtue. Articles from both the political right and left have noted a shift from seeing virtue as something central to the Christian life to something that is preferable but optional. (See here and here). In other words, it appears that the […]